Pirate of Mercy

"In our plain defects we already know the brotherhood of man." - Christopher Fry

Mordena Babich
I write fiction for children and young adults. My work could be loosely described as fantasy, though it doesn't always involve magic.

My story in Hunger Mountain: http://www.hungermtn.org/beautiful-beast/

Why “philia_fan?” See Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia books. Philia is the Attolian goddess of mercy, and I am her loyal pirate.

Why "Bearocracy?" It's my favorite typo ever. Bears rule!

I live in the Boston area and grew up near Philadelphia, but I like to say that I’m “from” New Mexico, because it’s the place I still think of as home. My years in NM were spent doing technical theater, writing my first couple of novels, and working a series of odd (sometimes very odd) jobs. I'm married to Dr. C., who does hearing research, and we have a daughter, known here as Wildcat. I have a B.A. in Linguistics from Swarthmore College, which was great fun to acquire even if I did not end up getting paid for anything linguistics-related. I’m a choral singer (first alto), and I play the harp but not in public. I’ve been practicing Aikido since 1991. It gives me the same joy as writing the key scene that makes a story work, singing the Brahms Requiem, or standing on Jicarita Peak under a deep blue sky, taking in the spectacular 360-degree view.

Favorite kids' book authors? Megan Whalen Turner, Geraldine McCaughrean, Leon Garfield, Robert Westall, Nancy Farmer, Diana Wynne Jones, Paul Fleischman, Terry Pratchett, Joan Aiken, E. Nesbit. I could go on and on, and I'm happy to say I'm always discovering new favorites!

First things I reach for in the morning? A mug of Irish Breakfast and the daily sudoku. Tea and logic, the perfect combination.