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The Emerald Thread

This is Dr C and Wildcat:

The Emerald Thread has been self-published by Bearkin Books. Copies are available here from Lulu.com.  The proceeds go to support Doctors Without Borders.

Enjoy, and please share this with anyone who might be interested.

The News

Hi, everyone,

This is bluestalking, posting on behalf of Philia and her family.

Philia passed away on Tuesday morning (the first day of spring). She was not in pain, it happened in her sleep, and she was in the company of her family.

Thank you to everyone who has posted about her or commented on Sounis already. Her family has access to the comments there, and here on her journal. If you want your comments elsewhere to be passed along to them, let me know and I am happy to help you. Thank you to everyone for being such supportive friends and such a good community, through this and through everything. Philia really loved her friends here on LJ, and we're really lucky that we got to love her back.


another quick update

I keep wanting to write a big post but keep feeling not quite up to it.

Long story short - I am home, with  hospital bed in my living room downstairs.  I am now under hospice care, which means no further treatment.  However, This does not mean (no promises, mind you) that I'm dying tomorrow.   Right now there is a rush of visitors and I suspect this is what they believe -- if we don't see her RIGHT NOW they will miss their chance.  Whereas it could be as much as six months. No pain, just exhaustion.  Much exhaustion -- an outing upstairs is a really big deal and I didn't manage it today, despite the lure of a shower.

Anyway, that's where we are.  I am still trying to wrap my head around what's happening.  One of these days, I promise, a real post.

My absence

Hey all,

I;m in the hospital again.  There was talk of sending me home last Sunday (yesterday?) but that was before the fever went up and blood pressure tanked, etc, etc.

Things aren't going well, frankly.  More on this later- I mean to do a long post soon. But things day by day getting better -- fever gone now, bp coming back up SLOWLY, sodium level still too low.  My spirits also a bit low.  But I have many wonderful friends, including y;all, and don't ever think I don't appreciate it!
The world conspires against me.  I actually had a week off medical appointments last week, and I think I spent most of it in disbelief.  Hoping that hospital visits will wind down now.  But no.  I had to go in on Monday, when they told me my liver values were up again and I needed another scan on Friday, and another appointment next Monday.  Oh, plus the surgeon next Friday.  And a meeting with a GI guy sometime in the future.

And I got called for jury duty AGAIN.  I swear my name comes up as soon as my three years run out, every time.

I have to get the car inspected before the end of the month, which is...really soon.

Let's not even talk about the plumber.

So once again all my attention is stuck on practical things, and not just practical but BORING.  My creative brain is sapped.

In happy news, my good college friend drove two hours to see me last Sunday and brought me a birthday cake!  Also, managing to go to Aikido again.  I feel pretty good, despite draining a liter of fluid from my chest every day.  I just really, really want a writing project compelling enough to keep my focus through all this medical crapola.

A belated happy new year to you all!
This year Dr. C and my mother consulted on the Sondheim so I only got one of those (sorry, Jade).  However, they neglected to discuss the Tim Wynne-Jones, so I have two spanking-new copies of Blink and Caution.  Well, one is more spanking new, since I'm reading the other and dragging it to the hospital.  Who wants it????  Let me know.

Evil Coffee Shop -- Dessert Guy

The beginning of this will look familiar...

Who makes those desserts, anyway?Collapse )

Cutest thing ever

Figgy, trying to play soccer with an onion.
So first, thank you, Emma!!  You are so thoughtful.  Only question is, what the heck do you do with sea parsley?  I am way intrigued but not sure what it would go with/on.

I have lovely friends.  Last night went to a Messiah sing with bluestalking and met other lovely peeps of my acquaintance there, and we sang  most enjoyably.  Also I think I basically finished my ECS story about the dessert guy.  Needs some polishing yet, but essentially there, so I am told.

Tuesday I have to go back to the hospital for more surgery.  This time they're inserting a catheter which I will drain myself -- oh joy! -- twice a week.  I SO wanted to avoid this one, but even with two talcings, my lung is being smooshed into uselessness by the horrid fluid.  They say I will go home the next day.  I hope it's not a lie this time.  A dojo friend told me, "If you're there more than 24 hours, send me a message and I will come bring you chocolate."

Merry Christmas to me.